About Thomas P. Paolo, E.A. and Associates

As an Enrolled Agent (EA), Tom is a federally authorized tax practitioner who can represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service in all 50 states.

The Enrolled Agent credential is the highest credential that the IRS awards, and, as such, they have unlimited practice rights.

As an Enrolled Agent, we are able to handle and represent all types of taxpayers and tax cases. We maintain our credentials and stay abreast of all news and developments within the tax industry. And we maintain our credentials with continuing education courses.

Tom considers the other members of the year-round staff the backbone of the firm. They process client information, prepare payroll tax reports, perform bookkeeping services, and much more. Colleen Graham and Darlene Paolo have each been here 30 years. Jan Spano for 15 years. They are loyal, hardworking and, most importantly, value each and every client.

Tom graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration majoring in accounting. He was a member of the accounting honorary fraternity Beta Alpha Psi. He is currently a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents.